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Spartan Basketball

 Case Western Reserve University vs. Carnegie Mellon University, February 28, 2015

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Department of Physical Education and Athletics

-Case Western Reserve University

MediaVision provides top-notch audio and video production, videoconferencing support, Web and digital design, graphic design, animation, technology training, content creation, editing, and communications strategy to the Case Western Reserve University campus in support of ITS customers.

Whether it's an internally facing or externally facing Web page, an interactive digital magazine, a brochure, a training guide or a video, the team collaborates to meet a variety of needs and enhance user experience.

Housed in the Cedar Avenue Service Center, MediaVision's all-digital, high-tech studio and audio/video control room allow us to produce quality, high-definition programming that promotes and supports the university's mission.

Contact us at 216.368.3777 or